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Duct Work Repair

Duct Repair or Duct Replacement Can Improve Your Home's Airflow and Comfort

Inefficient ductwork can prevent your HVAC system from providing the comfort you need. Schedule an evaluation to see if you need duct repair or a replacement of the system.

One of the most common repairs on ducts that we make is sealing them. Holes or gaps in the ducts allow heated or cooled air to escape. Leaks in the system slow airflow, reducing the ability of air to reach all areas of your home. When ducts leak, you may feel cool in a room close to the air conditioning unit, but a room on the other end of the house may not reach the desired temperature.

Another issue that we frequently see during repairs is under-insulated ducts. The ductwork must carry heated or cooled air. However, if the components don't have enough insulation, the warm or cold will pass through the ducts into the surrounding area. This phenomenon greatly reduces the comfort you feel from your HVAC system. If you suspect that your home has problems with its ducts, contact us at Your Duct Guy for duct repair and insulation.

In some situations, you may need to have portions of your ducts replaced. Duct replacement can boost the ability of the system to deliver air where needed.

By replacing old, worn, leaky ductwork that is beyond repair, you can lower your heating and cooling bills. New ducts have better insulation and no holes to slow the course of air to your home's living areas.

Signs that you may need duct replacement include the following:


  • Multiple spots of duct leaks

  • Inadequate heating or cooling from a well-maintained HVAC system

  • Poor airflow from vents

  • Noisy air ducts

  • Mold or odors coming from the vents

  • Ductwork over a decade old

If you have older ductwork, ducts that don't perform as well, or ducts that another company improperly installed, you may need replacements for the entire system. Contact us at Your Duct Guy for your duct replacement or repair needs. We also will help you to maintain your ducts after installation with cleaning services and more.




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