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I have been extremely impressed with Your Duct Guy. In a highly specialized Air Duct industry, they seized quickly on the issues in my home and put together a comprehensive plan to help me fix my duct work and furnace problem that is very old. Their high-energy and analytical skills allowed them to present to us a completely different way of looking at Air Duct cleaning services .We are very pleased with their results!

Linda K, Philadelphia, PA



I've worked with many, many Air Duct Cleaners in the past, and I would rank Your Duct Guy 

as one of the most honest and professional technicians with whom I've used. Nahum and Raimundo effectively challenged our thinking, helped us better understand our problems with our air duct cleaning performance, and always ensured to keep the consumer top of mind. nice to have this guys at my home today, thanks 

Sandra De Rosa, Doylestown, PA

We had some construction done to our home and we were over due to get the ducts and heater cleaned. We are so happy that we chose "Your Duct Guy". From the first time we met Levin to get an estimate he was professional and knowledgeable. When he came today, he immediately went to work and we were impressed at how hard he worked. We will difinitely recommend this company to family and friends. Thank you Levin.

​Ann Dempster, Philadelphia, PA

Nahum deep-cleaned all the ducts in a very dirty system.  He cleaned a furnace which was so old and dysfunctional that we could not restart it.  He contacted Turtle Tech on our behalf to request advanced repair or replacement.

Nahum carries all the equipment he needs in a well-packed car trunk.  I was accustomed to seeing bulky equipment in vent cleaning projects, but he did a better job with the smaller equipment which did not take up a lot of space in the house.
When he showed me how dirty the ducts were, I knew we really needed his services!
After the duct cleaning, he cleaned the inside of our very old and outdated furnace.  He was not able to get it to restart.  He worked until 9 PM trying to get it to work, going out to a hardware store to get some parts.  He was very clearly upset by this failure and apologized many times.  I told him the truth - the furnace has been on its last legs for a long while and I knew that the failure to restart was not his fault or caused by the cleaning.
Before he left the house, he promised to contact Turtle Tech (Angie's List) to help. He called several times to make sure we had met with Turtle Tech.  He voided the fees for the cleaning and offered to bring us space heaters if we got cold.
Turtle Tech inspected the old furnace and recommended replacement.  Nahum came by the house to see how we were doing and I requested an ultraviolet light system to be added to the replacement furnace.  Nahum came by the house on the 27th, when the furnace was being installed to check on the progress of the job.  He will be back to install the ultraviolet light system when it is delivered.
Nahum is such a conscientious worker and so dedicated to excellent service that I (buyer) found myself in the unusual position of trying to calm him (service provider) after the furnace couldn't be started.  Cancelling the fees for the cleaning, and offering space heaters showed an unusually high level of personal responsibility.  I ended up grateful for his help and the referral to Turtle Tech, and feeling rueful that our old furnace had put him through all the drama.


Catherine Toia & Amanda Brush , Willow Grove, PA

I initially hired Your Duct Guy to clean the dryer vent for a townhome I had recently purchased.  Levin did an excellent job and gave me advice on maintaining my furnace (without being pushy).  I welcomed his advice and had him look at the furnace.  Since he did such a nice job with the dryer, I hired him to clean the furnace and also do air duct and vent cleaning. 
Levin always worked with me to find a time that was good for both of us.   When he could not make a job because he was ill, he offered to send someone else.   However, I decided to wait until Levin was able to perform the service since I liked his work cleaning the dryer vent.  When the weather suddenly turned cold and I was concerned about the furnace not working well, Levin was able to work on the furnace that day due to a cancellation.
Levin was always on time, calling me to let me know he was on his way.   He was professional, got the job done, and always cleaned up after the job.  He was also willing to help me and gave me information about other Your Duct Guy services that were available.   I do not like pushy sales people and I appreciated him giving me information without trying to strong arm me into having something done.    That is one of the reasons (in addition to good work) why I continued to use Your Duct Guy and Levin.
Based on my experience with Levin’s work, I would definitely recommend Your Duct Guy and plan to use their services again in the future.

Robin Stephens, Cinaminson , NJ

I just wanted to send a note to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent service that Your Duct Guy provided to me and my family. The few times I have requested Air Duct Cleaners from the phone book and from the internet it has not been so fast and efficient like Your Duct Guy. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service. I have no problems at all recommending your company. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far.

Jennifer Weston, Villanova, PA


I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service I have received this morning from Your Duct Guy. I had requested a furnace cleaning and a duct work inspection and this guy did an excellent job for us . Thanks very much for this excellent and professional service. 


Pearl D, Philadelphia, PA

I was very happy to meet Nahum from Your Duct Guy. For more than 10 years I was trying to have my Air Ducts cleaned but I just didn't have time for it, Nahum is a very honest person and he did a beautiful job at my house, more than it, he also gave me recommendations for future services that I will may need down in the road, I will pass his name to my friends and family and for sure I will have him came back to help me with my extras needs. Thanks Nahum from Your Duct Guy. ​

Lilian Smith, Ardmore, PA

I purchased a Deal for a $59.00 Dryer Vent Cleaning. As part of the service he looked at the furnace and ensured that the dryer upon reconnection was functioning properly. The technician, Levin, was very prompt, curtious, and knowledgable. He was very consious about leaving my home and the area cleanner than when he arrived. I found that he was able to work and talk sociably to me as he was conducting his work and inspections. He did share with me other services that his company offered and explained the pros and cons of having additonal cleaning of my vent and furnace. As well as reviewed the timing of my current maintenance programs. He offered contact information and stated that if I had any questions or concerns do not hesitate but call for answers. I would higher this company again since they were so thorough and wanted to make sure everything was perfect.
Heather McClintock-Racz, Downington PA


I always was very sceptical to bring an air duct cleaning company to my house, i saw very bad scams videos about the famous Bait & Switch tactics they are using to try to upsell you things you dont really need, i own a 4500 sq.ft house and i decide to call Your Duct Guy to give it a try. i was amazed by the professionalism this guy Nahum have, he did an amazing job, very hard working person, i was need to pay a litlle extra money because i did have some issues with my furnace but i paid for it and i didnt have complaints at all, this guy deserve a chance in our community, he is one of the best professionals i've ever seen...thank Nahum, it was nice to meet you. 


David, Philadelphia, PA

A+! These guys are great. Very professional service and will go the extra mile to get the job done. I have a very difficult dryer vent setup 2 1/2 stories high and they were able to clean it quickly, install a new vent cover that I had purchased and clean up behind the dryer to make it all flow better.
Justin Ettore, Philadelphia


This guys are the real “Duct People” , they deep clean our entire duct work and fix our dryer that was extremely clogged. I recommend this guys to anyone, I can now dry her clothes again, very happy with the service and the technicians that are extremely polite and professional
Fabiana, Cherry Hill NJ
I am really happy with the quality of this company. I hired them to clean my dryer vent and to give me an estimate to possibly clean my ducts. Levin and Carlos arrived on time and they both did a perfect job! This people definitely know how to perform good jobs and how to make a client satisfied. I will recommend them to any of my friends. Thanks Duct Guys!!

Eliete Evangelista, Philadelphia
These guys were great! They were clean, professional and prompt. They were fantastic about communicating with us and were able to replace our drier vent in half the time and at half the price of other estimates we received.
Elise Broomer
I never thought that a duct cleaning service would change my life, but this one has! We have a complicated system (or so I've been told by other service companies) but Your Duct Guy showed up and tackled the problem with skill, confidence, professionalism and ease. Our dryer hadn't been drying clothes properly for over a year, so we finally got around to having our dryer venting cleaned. I should mention we live in a townhouse and have a long and winding run. The first company that came out to clean the dryer venting and ductwork, cleaned it with an air system and promised the path was clear. Our dryer still didn't work. So we bought a new dryer. And it didn't work. It did however, provide us with a fancy signal indicating that our vents were 90% blocked. This was impossible though--we had just had them cleaned! Enter Your Duct Guy. After digging around on line for a company that would be able to access turns and corners with their brushes and possibly install or repair new venting and ductwork if needed, we made a date. They began in the same place the old company did of course, but with their brushes , they were able to extract clumps of wet lint that the air pressure system of the other company couldn't make budge. Even more, and here's the kicker, when they went up on our roof, they pulled clumps of lint from the duct the size of small cats! What's interesting is that Your Duct Guy was able of find the correct run for our complicated line and clean the right one, whereas the first company we had hired ended up blowing air through something that was not our dyer vent line. I don't blame the other company, as our exterior dryer vent was apparently masked to look like something else when it was installed, but Your Duct Guy knew exactly what they were doing from the moment they arrived and found the right line. They had to cut off a metal cap on our roof to do it, but they found it. They were incredibly pleasant to work with and best of all--I have a dryer that works, finally! If I had called them first, I would have saved a lot of money.
Gail Silver, Philadelphia

Unbelievable experience, the duct guys are great, my house smell so good after the their duct cleaning! They also cleaned my dryer and replace my dryer duct, the difference between before and after are unexplainable. Very happy with their professionalism and for respect my dogs and cats too. I will recommend you guys without a thought.

Katy, Bensalem PA

The service was outstanding. I would use him again in a heart beat. Also I was surprised at how much lent was in our dryer vent. He cleaned everything, inside the vent and swept up the patio and bagged the lent. Also he vacuumed the back of the dryer and the floor which had an accumulation of 12 years dust. He was running a little late and called at least an hour before his appointed time to inform me. He was friendly and professional. Every time he entered the house he put on little booties to keep our floors clean. I could not be more pleased.
Robert Ridout, Kennet Square, PA
Just Perfect! Love this company! hired them already 3 times, The technicians are very professional and polite, they cleaned all my ducts for my both apartments and also cleaned my dryers. All within 5 hours and now my tenants are so happy, the apartments smell so great! I will hire them to came back next week to clean all heater units as well. if you look to clean your ducts, don't look further, hire this guys, you will like their services a lot!

Marc, West Chester PA
Scheduling the appointment online was quick and easy. I received timely reminders that my service appointment to have the dryer and the dryer vent cleaned was approaching. On the day of the appointment, I did receive a phone call about an hour past my appointment start time. They were running late due to heavy rains and servicing an earlier scheduled customer. They agreed to contact me before they were back on the road heading to my location. I did receive that phone call as expected. The gentlemen assessed their needs quickly and got right to work when they arrived. They wore booties on their shoes and kept their masks on during the entire visit.
Due to how my dryer is positioned, they did have to move the washer out of the way first so they could reach the dryer. They did a good cleaning around the appliances, the dryer itself and the dryer vent. In my case, they actually replaced the flex line for the dryer instead of the makeshift vent tube that was being used before they got there.
They even cleaned up the exterior of the home near the dryer vent of any now wet lint (due to the rain) that had come out during cleaning.
After moving the appliances back into place, they tested to make sure the dryer was functioning and giving heat. They had me verify that was the case as well.
The area they were working in was just as clean as it was when they arrived if not better.
I had a little trouble in making the online payment, but they quickly contacted me and assisted me in the process.
I would recommend this company for your dryer and vent cleaning.
Michael D, Southampton PA


Awesome company, the technicians are very knowledgeable and professional. Our dryers working much better after
their cleaning, they also clean the back of our machine and washer, and all our walls, I really recommend this company.

Carlos Henrique, Philadelphia

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