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Meet The Team

Nahum Worek

I am the Owner of Your Duct Guy. I am very proud to run this company and to help many customers with a quality and professional service.

Diana Worek

I am the Office Manager at Your Duct Guy. My Job is to organize schedule, paperwork and sales for the company My Obligation is to make sure all our employees deliver the best service to your home and business daily.

Michel Worek

I am the Commercial Project Manager at Your Duct Guy. I am responsible for the commercial projects from the company. Working for this company for many years now, I am very happy that with my job this company is growing day by day. 

Your Duct Guy – Professional Cleaners

January 18, 2013


Dear Customers,


Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Nahum Worek, I am the Founder and Owner of Your Duct Guy. I would like to introduce myself and our Company to you.


Your Duct Guy is a Family Business Company founded in 2006 by Nahum Worek, 38.


In that time he worked for most of his neighbors, family members, Friends and very few customers performing dryer vent cleaning services and some Air Duct Cleaning Services as well.


In 2013, after finishing 4 years study at a HVAC School in Seattle, WA and gaining experience in the Air Duct Cleaning field, Mr. Nahum decided to officially open Your Duct Guy in Pennsylvania.

Before he decided to open Your Duct Guy, Mr. Nahum worked for many Air Duct Cleaning Companies in Washington State, Maryland, and in Charlotte, NC as a field technician and sales manager.

By observing on a daily basis the way the companies were working with customers and the way the companies were performing their services, He decided that he can do it by himself as well change the way the companies were working and offer a totally different way of service and customer service that will make customers very happy and will make them extremely happy.

In July 2013, when He opened Your Duct Guy He decided to offer various services from sales to  Cleaning Services and all the way down to Duct Work Repairs, HVAC Repairs and Replacement and also many Dryer Vent Repairs.

Today, July 2021, Your Duct Guy is one of the highest rated company all across PA-NJ with over 1000 positive reviews all across google and other websites as Angie's List, Yelp and etc.

Today as well, Your Duct Guy are doing many services for very familiar companies in the market as:

Hair Cuttery, Walmart, T-Mobile, Chick-A-file, Pier 1, TJ-Maxx, Chevrolet and many others as well Your Duct Guy are performing many services to Residential Customers and Commercial Customers as Hospitals, Supermarket, Condominiums and Warehouses.

If you ever need Air Duct Cleaning Services, HVAC Services or Dryer Vent Cleaning Services please call us at 215.360.3281 and we will be ready to help you with your cleaning needs.

As a part of our aim to provide the experience to you, we are only working with fully certified technicians and as well very experienced customer service crew that will be able to perform the best service to your house and answer any questions you may have consecutively.

We hope to serve you and family very soon and also we hope that you will love our services like the other customers do.


Best Regards,

Nahum Worek


15 years of Combined Experience

We will Take Care of All Your Cleaning Needs! Guarantee.

  • From Air Duct Cleaning, to the Entire House Cleaning.

  • From HVAC Repair to a Complete New Installation.

  • From a Dryer Vent Cleaning to a Complete Dryer Duct Installation.

  • From Sealing the Ducts to a Complete New Duct Work.

  • From No Duct, No HVAC House to All New Duct and HVAC Equipment.


We can do a lot and much more, Just Call and We will be Ready for You!




 We obligate our employees to be protected and to protect your family and home during covid-19.

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 Your Duct Guy - Professional Cleaners

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